IEA has been awarded the first task order issued under the Technical Engineering Analytical Management Support (TEAMS) blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to provide Business Systems and Information (BSI) Program Support to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment (OASD EI&E).

The OASD EI&E is responsible for establishing the policy and providing the oversight for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) real property assets and related services necessary to conduct military operations and readiness worldwide in a cost effective, safe, sustainable and environmentally sound manner. Key activities of the DoD EI&E community are to:

  • Optimize DoD’s use of energy in order to enhance warfighter capabilities, reduce logistics risk and increase energy resilience, and mitigate costs
  • Establish and disestablish military installations, bases, camps stations, depots and centers
  • Provide real property lifecycle management (acquisition, operation, sustainment, recapitalization, realignment and disposal of real property assets) and real property-related installation services
  • Protect human health and the environment in an uninterrupted and cost-effective manner to include systems acquisition, while ensuring the success of the Nation’s national security

Within DoD, the OASD EI&E aggressively manages the environmental, installation management and energy business operations and processes and looks for the most efficient and cost effective way to run these operations/processes across enterprise, whether it is with policy, guidance or standards. With KPMG, R&K Solutions, and LHM Consulting as our subcontractors, IEA will provide 12–17 full time employees to support the BSI directorate in the areas of business operations, enterprise system integration, data management, and IT portfolio management.

“Winning the first task order issued on the TEAMS BPA represents a significant victory for IEA in a few different ways,” said Vice President of Business Development, Bryce Hixson. “It provides penetration into a new DoD/OSD Office—Energy, Installations & Environment (EI&E), it further supplements our cadre of subject matter expertise, and it adds capabilities to our quickly expanding IT portfolio.”

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