When the mission is critical, Intelligence needs to work for you, not against you.

EverWatch draws on a wealth of experience in intelligence analysis and our access to leading technology to support the Intelligence Community. We synthesize a continually-increasing stream of classified and unclassified data sources in order to provide clear assessments and models of potential vulnerabilities, threats, and risks, and present these deliverables to customer decision-makers.

All Systems Go

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

EverWatch brings a long history of 24/7 operational support of key intelligence missions. Our highly skilled personnel work side-by-side with our government clients to meet our country’s highest National Security needs.

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

EverWatch has proven expertise in Technical Signals Intelligence (TechSIGINT). We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to provide technical analysis of conventional and non-conventional signals, to merge and fuse multisource signals data from various disciplines, and to design and develop custom signals tools used by the Intelligence Community.


We are aware of the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity and the ability of even the most secure systems to succumb to unexpected and undocumented attacks. EverWatch experts deliver for our customers by hardening defenses while continuously monitoring for attacks, ensuring a balanced approach to keeping our clients’ information safe.

Specialized Solutions Engineering

EverWatch is a leading provider of Network Systems Engineering solutions and mission-critical support to the Intelligence Community. We offer end-to-end Network Architecture and security solutions designed to ensure safe, secure, and reliable IT infrastructures.

Intelligence Tools and Technology

From virtual reality, to artificial intelligence, to cloud collaboration, EverWatch is driving the use of cutting-edge technology to support the intelligence customer community. We work hard to stay ahead of the latest technologies, so we can serve as your trusted technical advisor.

Counterintelligence (CI)

Beyond simply delivering outstanding all-source analysis to our various customers, we are well-versed in providing sophisticated, tailored support to a variety of counterintelligence missions, including industrial protection, Insider Threat, and enterprise security.