We support nations around the world in the improvement of their institutions.

The need for law and order, as well as justice and respect for human rights is paramount in a world of growing transnational threats. EverWatch offers innovative techniques and tools to build capacity, implement resources, and train and advise police and other critical institutions in austere environments all over the world.

Strengthening Institutions

Allied Capacity Building

Our international advisors focus on criminal justice, human rights standards, humanitarian law, national security, gender initiatives, and legal education. We advise foreign institutions on program management, policy guidance, technical assistance, and training in support of host-nation efforts.

Specialized Mission Expertise

EverWatch promotes remote teams of Trainers and Advisors that apply specific operational and cultural expertise to law enforcement assistance programs. EverWatch personnel provide high-level recommendations to foreign country governments on integrating senior US police into foreign assistance programs to build capacity in the criminal justice sectors of partner nations.

Program / Project Management

With government partners in the US and overseas, EverWatch provides mission critical program management and advisory support. Our work delivers better communication, efficiency, cost control, and performance with mission partners and their senior leadership teams.

Rule of Law

EverWatch provides policy guidance and development of institutional capacity building and professionalizing justice sector personnel through legal education and training initiatives.

Education & Outreach

Our Education and Outreach Specialists design and execute programs to educate and enlist partner networks (NGOs), developing relationships that contribute to institutional doctrine, training, lessons learned, early warning awareness, and sound policy development.