American Ingenuity, Committed to Security

EverWatch provides unwavering support to the US Warfighter through our commitment to the US Department of Defense (DoD). We take pride in developing and executing strategies and solutions to prevent and overcome the crises of a new millennium. Beyond simply delivering Warfighter support, we provide sophisticated, tailored ISR and Battlespace Awareness support, Policy and Strategic Planning, Insider Threat Analysis and monitoring, along with the ever-increasing Data Science, Security, Management, and Cloud Services support across the enterprise.

Smarter Operations

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

EverWatch’s Subject Matter Experts and Analysts help the Defense Intelligence Enterprise develop, aggregate, store, and convert ISR data into actionable intelligence.


Every minute of every day, side-by-side with our government customers, we provide highly specialized analysis and expertise to agencies who lead the counterterrorism mission.

Data Science

EverWatch architects, implements, and supports data-intensive systems by utilizing subject matter expertise, artificial intelligence, and automated analytics to drive effective decision-making.

Insider Threat

EverWatch’s Analysts use proven leading-edge tools and proprietary “know-how” to keep our customers’ most sensitive information safe by identifying vulnerabilities and continually monitoring systems and personnel.

Cloud Services

As more organizations seek to capitalize on the cloud, many struggle to keep up and make sense of what the cloud means to their organization. EverWatch breaks down the complexities of utilizing the cloud, guiding organizations with proven processes ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-based operations.

Policy and Planning

EverWatch assists DoD’s most senior leaders to formulate the right policies and authorities for our nation’s most sensitive missions. We ensure our Warfighters have the agility to meet mission requirements, while remaining consistent with policy, the law, and our national values.