True to our tagline

The EverWatch R&D program reflects an investment in innovation and creativity which advances our customers’ missions. Submit an idea today

Our Playbook Is Engaging

Cultural Philosophy

  • Continuously connect with our workforce and colleagues for ideas
  • Institute an R&D process and stay disciplined in this process
  • Partner with cloud providers - let infrastructure be an enabler for R&D
  • Remain open minded and willing to teach and learn
  • Always develop a project plan with objectives and milestones

Mission Innovation

  • Research emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Identify trending capabilities and emerging markets
  • Watch market surveys to identify customer needs
  • Host technology and mission meet-ups as a venue to teach and learn
  • Work with capture teams to add value to proposals and stay ahead of customer needs

We Use Just Enough Process


What can our employees expect from our R&D activities?

  1. All ideas are valued and will be evaluated objectively.
  2. Ideas should be submitted through the form at the bottom of this page.
  3. We do not follow a scheduled review cycle. We review ideas as we receive them.
  4. We try to provide provide feedback (email and in-person) to an employee within 2 weeks of submission.
  5. Ideas are reviewed by a small R&D committee and selected based on multiple factors.
    • Mission value to current or new business areas.
    • Our technical experience to develop the idea.
    • Remaining budget considering other on-going projects.
  6. Once a project is selected, you will be notified and asked to have a kickoff meeting.
  7. We will draft a project plan together to initiate and manage the project.
  8. Duration of most projects varies based on monthly progress and assessed ability to return value.
  9. Each employee whose idea is selected will be provided with overhead hours to assist with the project. Hours will vary depending on your experience to assist and budget.
  10. Employees may be eligible for additional compensation depending on the success of your idea.
  11. Each project will be assigned at least one engineer to support research or development. We also offer mentor/protege partnering for junior staff.
  12. The goal of each project is to create value for EverWatch and our customers. Each project is a team effort to develop and establish a means to go to market.

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