Mission Ready

Our customers are working hard every day, keeping our country safe from harm and empowering a global community to stand up for what’s right. When we provide solutions in support of their most important missions, we’re doing our part to protect all Americans, and improve our world.

We have earned corporate awards and individual recognition onsite for the quality of our work and services. While we are honored to be formally acknowledged by our industry, when we receive positive feedback and superlative performance measurements from our customers, we know we have truly succeeded.

United States Department of Defense Seal

Intelligence Community

EverWatch supports the Intelligence Community mission to collect, analyze, and deliver foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information to assist law enforcement, national security, and foreign policy objectives.

United States Department of Defense Seal

Department of Defense (DoD)

EverWatch supports the DoD mission, providing unwavering support to the US Warfighter. EverWatch solutions help DoD prevent and overcome emerging and international threats.

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Department of State (DoS)

EverWatch supports the Department of State, advancing US interests among its international partners and mitigating the agendas of global adversaries. EverWatch is a steadfast partner offering innovative techniques and tools to build capacity, implement resources, and advise critical institutions all over the world.