Bob has been working in the Intelligence Community since 1990 after graduating from Cornell University with a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics.
Bob started working for the US Government in 1990 and in 1991, Bob was selected for the RSE Program, a four-year rotational program which took him to several field locations and gave him a broad understanding of the intelligence mission. He also earned his MS in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins in 1996.
In 1999, Bob joined a small contracting firm, ACT, working on large government programs and performing R&D on internally developed GPS projects. Bob was named CTO of a spinoff company, ACT Solutions, in 2002 where he sold and developed a Weblogic portal solution for network security company Trustwave.
In 2003, Bob joined Trustwave full-time, where he was the lead developer, building network security scanners to implement Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. In 2008, Bob returned to the intelligence community providing consulting services to Ideas-2-Solutions and working on government contracts for ICCI / KEYW.
Bob formed BrainTrust Holdings in 2008 and began operations in 2010 as the first employee, working on Cloud Computing efforts as a Principal Software Developer. In 2020, BrainTrust was 165 employees with three prime contracts and was acquired by EverWatch Corporation.
Bob now sits on the board of EverWatch and acts as the Chief Strategy Officer.